A Lady Neophyte

A fly fishing friend told me the other day about a trip he made recently to Colorado to visit his daughter, Claire, who works in Denver.

During their time together he arranged a one day fly fishing trip through the Lincoln Hills Fishing Club with a guide on the South Boulder River.

Now Claire had never fly fished before. The guide outfitted her with a rod, reel, fly line, and leader with a nymph as the fly. After a few instructions in casting,  he deemed her ready. It took less than 5 minutes to get the first strike. She lifted her rod just in time to hook the fish. With video camera in hand her Dad Karl captured Claire catching her very first trout on a fly rod. It was a 24 inch rainbow full of fight. You will see her handle a fly rod in fast water like she had been born to fish.

Here’s the video of Claire playing the big rainbow with some  verbal advice from her Dad along with a picture of the proud lady neophyte with her catch.

This proves my theory that fly fishing is one sport that virtually anyone can learn and enjoy, even a neophyte like Claire. What do you bet that someone got hooked on fly fishing on this trip besides the fish.

Here's Claire's Rainbow

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