My Stories

I hope you will bear with me and allow a little diversion from instructions to relate some first hand experiences I’ve enjoyed as well as  other stories relating to my favorite pastime of fly fishing.

My trip to the Bighorn River in Montana was repeated this year for the third time, and with near perfect water flow conditions, it was a banner year. I had a new boat partner, Brian Shivler, who surpassed himself in catching trout and who just might inspire another story.

In the meantime, check out my story with video about Steelhead fishing in the Lake Erie tributaries.

I’m sure you will also enjoy my latest addition entitled “Lady Neophyte”. This is a story and video of a young lady fly fishing for her first time, with great success I might add. The video taken by her Dad is terrific.

Now, select from the drop-down menu for some of my great stories!

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