Izaac says how to thread fly line through guides

Izaac tells you how to string your rod

Once you’ve put your fly rod together and have your fly reel mounted on the reel seat, you are ready to thread the fly line through the guides on the rod.

First, double the fly line about 6 inches from the end and hold it between your thumb and fore- finger to create a loop. Starting with the bottom guide (nearest the reel) push the loop through the guides until it is through the tip guide on the rod at which point you can pull the end part of the loop through all the way.

Why do it this way? It’s simple. If you start threading with the end of the line or leader and accidentally let go in the process, the whole line will fall out of the guides and you’ll have to start all over. With a loop on the end it will stop at the last guide you’ve threaded it through instead of all guides. Here’s a sketch to illustrate the process:


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