Fly Casting

Let’s talk about learning fly casting. I will discuss two of the most common types, namely, the overhead cast and the roll cast. If done correctly, fly casting is a thing of beauty to observe and often is described as a symphony of motion. Have you ever seen the movie “A River Runs Through It”?  Produced by Robert Redford in 1992 and based on the memoir of Norman Maclean. It’s a coming of age movie set in the time of prohibition that features many wonderful scenes of fly casting and fishing. The locale is Western Montana where the Macleans live in close proximity to the Blackfoot River. Early in the movie there’s a scene showing the father, a strict Presbyterian minister, and devoted fly fisherman giving his two young sons a lesson in fly casting. He used a metronome to synchronize and time their arm movements to the count of four so that the fly line unfolds just right. I highly recommend this movie. Wining an Academy award for cinematography in 1993, the story is heartwarming and the fishing scenes inspiring.

If you followed my page on getting the right equipment especially the part pertaining to getting a balanced rod and line, then you’re ready to learn fly casting in a way that will allow the proper deliverance of a fly for the purpose of catching fish.

Below you’ll find a video of one of the best fly casters in the world. Lefty Kreh has his own method of casting based on four principles which he demonstrates in this video.


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