Mission Statement

My mission, or goal if you will, for establishing this website is to humbly impart the knowledge I have gained over the years of fly fishing to those beginners, or neophytes as I call them, that have made a decision to join an special group of men and women who fish the fly. Not until you hook your first fish with a fly rod and experience that throbbing feeling that goes right up your arm, will you know why so many have chosen this way to fish.

I have fished and caught lots of fish, big and small, in many different ways; For example: Lake Erie fishing for walleyee and smallmouth bass, Lake Ontario fishing for salmon, surf casting in the Atlantic for bluefish and drum, boat fishing in the Atlantic for flounder, spadefish, redfish, mackerel, and barracuda, boat fishing in Quebec for northerns and lake trout, and Florida inland water fishing for snook and weakfish to mention just a few. Oh, and by the way, my biggest catch was a 486 pound Tiger Shark out of the Florida Keys in the Gulf of Mexico.

Sure, some of those catches were exciting as all heck, especially the shark, but I still savor the inner spirit feeling of peace that comes from experiencing the solitude of a beautiful mountain stream, and catching a rising trout with my fly rod.

If I’ve succeeded in motivating you to take the steps needed to becoming a fly fisher, then I can assure that you will soon experience that thrill for yourself.  That’s when I’ll consider my goal met, and will be able to say “mission accomplished”






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